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Just a note to thank you for the positive experience we had doing our basement renovation with Basement Spaces. The crew was very professional, always accommodating any changes we required as the job progressed and still completing the job on schedule. We particularly liked that you were always available to discuss the job and kept close tabs on its progress. The Basement Spaces team was always considerate of both our family and our home.
— Mary & Fred
Thank you very much for the outstanding work that you have done on my recent basement renovation. It came out fantastic. It really did exceed my expectations. You and your whole crew were very accommodating, professional and easy to work with.
— Dave
Hi Rob,
We would be happy to provide an endorsement of your services. The job on our basement was carried out exactly as outlined in our contract, well within the estimated time of completion and the result was beyond our expectations. The workers were courteous, attentive, and most importantly, highly skilled at their craft. Thanks for a basement which we are proud to show.
— Joe & Mary Lynn
Basement Spaces completed a high quality renovation for me at a fair price.

My family and I had been planning to get the basement finished for a few years. Our principle concern was that of contracting with a reputable renovation company and getting fair value for the expense of the construction. We contacted four firms and selected Rob Pahl of Basement Spaces. Rob's bid was not the lowest or the highest. It seemed a reasonable bid. What it did have, however, were the terms and conditions under which the bid was submitted. I found this extremely important, because a contract with a firm is not just about the price. It is also the terms and conditions that define the working relationship between you and the contractor. I found Basement Spaces' terms and conditions to be comprehensive. There were two elements of the terms and conditions I did not like and after discussion with Rob, they were changed. This is just one of the numerous examples of Rob's commitment to accommodate the needs of customers.

At this initial stage of the contract I found Rob to be very responsive to questions and my schedule. This continued during the construction period. It is important to maintain those discussions so that the job proceeds on track. Whenever we had a problem or a concern he would address it right away and they were all resolved to our satisfaction.

During construction the people working on the basement were courteous and respectful. They demonstrated the knowledge they were in someone else's house and did not create any disturbances beyond that necessary for the construction itself. Rob always demonstrated a desire to do a high quality job. There was one incident when the design of the construction would have resulted in a narrow hallway. Rob brought it to my attention and identified the alternative solution that would eliminate the problem. It was an unanticipated adjustment that resulted in a slight increase in the cost of the job. I debated the increased cost but was persuaded by Rob's experience regarding the flow and look of other basements. I agreed and very much appreciate Rob's advice in making that decision. My basement flows very nicely and would not have, had Rob just completed the project as I asked. His attention to detail and care for the finished product, made our basement renovation that much more successful.

One other example shows his attention to detail and quality. In the original construction of the house the electrical panel had been awkwardly positioned by the foot of the basement stairs. I was at a loss to see how that could be boxed in and still allow for the flow to work well at the bottom of the stairs to the rest of the basement. Rob's staff found an interesting approach that allowed for a tapered enclosure of the electrical panel, minimizing the intrusion into the room.

Finally, at the start of the project, I had asked Rob and Basement Spaces to have the work completed by Christmas. We were starting in mid October, and Rob indicated he would try to get it completed by then but because of his work load he couldn't guarantee that timing. We accepted that limitation and hoped for the best. As time went along Rob and his staff worked diligently. The work proceeded at a steady pace and we were not sure if we would make it before Christmas. Rob again demonstrated his commitment to customers by making the effort to work with me to get the basement finished before Christmas. We were complete on Dec 21.

All the way through the job, I felt Rob was working as a partner with me and my family to complete the renovation. It is a wonderful space and we are extremely happy with the result. I would recommend Rob Pahl and Basement Spaces for similar jobs. In fact about 2 months later we asked Rob to come back and do another small job with the upstairs bathroom. Now that I have found a fair, good quality and dependable contractor, I'll have to see what else I need remodeled around the house.

— Allan Fogwill, Markham Ontario